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Feather filler in the clothing, the most common is the goose and duck down, these two kinds of color, can be divided into white and grey cashmere cashmere. In the market down jacket according to the price, in order to get gray velvet white eiderdown grey duck down. May be affected by the sort of price order, so many people think that these velvet quality in the same order, but in fact it is not. Through theoretical research and practical experience, on the general down, and the same quality of cashmere velvet than warm, fluffy degree better down, but I think the color Never mind too big and bad quality down jacket. Such as Canada Goose Jackets

As for why white hair will be expensive, I think the main reason is because the White Cashmere than grey good-looking, no matter in the light or dark fabrics which are not through color; grey cashmere compared to pick, only down jacket can be placed in the dark fabric. Taking into account the white light color, suitable for a wider range of fabrics. Two : the reason of white cashmere fiber structure. Its fiber tissue is relatively fine, soft, long, fiber long, so that its bulkiness is better, more easy to keep warm.

In general, the larger, more mature birds, the better the quality of the villi, so the goose hair will be better. But the production process is the same as the duck and goose down, both in quality and fluffy, warm and not much difference. The most important and expensive than goose feather, I think it is far lower than the yield of velvet feather Velvet - a year produces only one quarter, down a year can produce three season.